Sunday, September 9, 2012

Return To Tomorrow

Darn, I came home from today's game too late to get this in on the proper day but no matter. I am still a fan and as a fan this is still my duty.

It is an honor to remind every reader of this blog that Saturday, September 8th, 2012
celebrated the 46th Anniversary of the Original Series of Star Trek.

If you didn't get to see Google's tribute, here it is...

I personally think it's adorable. There was a number of other variations of it as I understand and I highly recommend doing a search for them. You might want to use, hmmm, let's see now, perhaps...Google? It's so crazy it just might work.

Tomorrow (er, that is, today...I am so confused) I will recap our first session of my buddy Ray's Hunter X Hunter game. I was really, really good. From me, that's like three cheers while I jump up and down tooting on one of those New Years Eye horns that sound a bit like a kazoo.

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend. Live long and peace out.

Barking Alien

*Top illustration by the very talent Robert Grabe.


  1. Definitely enjoying. Watched "Man Trap" with my wife followed by ST:TMP. :)

  2. Ah the classics. Like a fine wine or cheese, the original series gets better with age.