Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Closing Theme

Well everyone, that about wraps it up for us here at The Barking Alien Blog for the side splitting month of September.

We unfortunately ran long, and we had to bump some guests, but they've been gracious enough to reschedule, and of course we'd love to have them.

Barkley, and I would like to thank our guests The Peanuts,  SATASUPE ReMix, The Secret Lives of Gingerbread Men, and without a doubt our musical guest Teenagers from Outer Space!

From all of us here at The Barking Alien Blog, and on behalf of the Pan-Phasic Communications Network, I want to thank you for tuning in.

Safe Travels, and Good Night!

September was a lot of fun, and I would love to talk further on the subject of humorous RPGs after I've had some time to think a little more about it.

Specifically, some of the questions posed to me in the comments this month have me wondering if I am too close to the subject matter. That is to say, since comedy, and comedic storytelling are so much a part of who I am, I may be taking for granted that what is second nature to me may be downright, um, 'alien' to some people.
I am fear I am unable to convey my interest in humorous RPG in a way the communicates to those not as interested, what the benefits of them may be. It is intrinsically ingrained in me to like comedic RPGs, such that trying to explain their virtues to all of you out there is like a dog trying to explain why it's fun to bury a bone.
It just is. And yes, it has practical applications, but how is the dog going to translate that sheer feeling of Booyah! to a room full of cats? I know that somewhere out there, there are a few other dogs going, "Yeah! Preach it brother!", yet for the rest it just isn't clicking.
Oh before I go...
I used to watch Johnny Carson every Thursday night with my Grandma from the time I was eight years old, until I was about fifteen or so. Maybe sixteen.
I would stay over my grandparents house every Thursday, and my Grandmother would put on The Tonight Show to help her fall asleep. On a cot in the same room, albeit with my insomnia causing the show to have the opposite effect, I became a fan of the program, and after a while, when I was older, watched it myself when at my own home.
I saw the final episode, and followed Jay Leno for a while, but while funny, it wasn't the same, and I eventually stopped watching.
September was very much a love letter to The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, but it was also a dedication to my Grandparents, who introduced me to Carson, Mel Brooks, the Marx Brothers, and other comedians, entertainers and entertainments that were well before my time.
Thanks again, and much love to your memory Grandma, and Poppy.
Up next, October...
Barking Alien

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