Thursday, January 7, 2016

Have I Ever Not Delivered For You Before?

Sorry, sorry, sorry.

I know I'm a little late with this post, but things have been crazy here at The Barking Alien Cantina.

First, it's been colder than a winter's night on Hoth. Second, I'm working on about half a dozen projects simultaneously, although Star Wars Traveller is my favorite of the bunch.

Now where were we? Right! Careers.

Here are the basic tables for the new Careers I'm adding to Star Wars Traveller. Keep in mind that most of the standard core Careers of classic Traveller/MegaTraveller remain, largely unchanged (see previous post). A few have name changes, but that's it.

As you can see, Bounty Hunter and Smuggler begin the game with setting appropriate gear. The balance is they don't get Promotions, and Commissions. This will generally give them fewer and/or lower Skill Levels at the start. Consideration may need to be given to other Careers without Ranks, and the chance of Commission such as Doctors, Hunters, Scientists, Scouts, Scoundrels (the renamed Rogues) and even the Technician.

Thinking about it.

For now I have this. Now you have it too. It's as finished as I can make it for now.

I feel like moving on to other elements of the project, but I may revisit Careers if there is interest, I get go suggestions for improvements, or the need arises.

Barking Alien
Just a quick reminder to viewers:
This is a fan work, not an official product of any kind.
Star Wars Traveller, an attempt to model a Star Wars RPG using the rules of classic, and Mega-Traveller, is the creation of Adam Dickstein. It is not a product of, nor is it affiliated with the creators of Star Wars, nor the creators of Traveller.
This is just for fun, and free to everybody.
May The Force Be With You

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