Sunday, January 31, 2016

I Will Finish What You Started

Star Wars Traveller ain't over yet...

My original plan was to spend the month of January dedicating my blog entirely to this project, and in that regard I feel that I accomplished my goals. I'm pretty happy about how the posts turned out. I've received a nice bunch of comments, and more hits then the previous two months combined!

I had also really hoped I'd be able to cover all the subjects I wanted to, and put this baby to bed by month's end. That I was not able to do. Real life, some personal stuff, and spending too much time thinking about the game, and not enough posting about it means I still have a good bit of work left to do.

I have a lot more entries planned, and a lot more material to cover, but a new month dawns and there are other subjects I want to talk about in addition to my Star Wars Traveller project.

Expect this month to be an odd mix, as that is what February always is for me. A wave of nostalgia, a bit of frustration, and the random resurgence of a few areas of interest I hadn't addressed in a while are going to make for (hopefully) some really interesting entries in the coming month.

Star Wars Traveller will continue, popping up out of Hyperspace when you least expect it.

Now I've started a lot of projects over the years, and either let them drop, or simply forgot about them. This is different. Like The Muppets RPG, this one is something special. It speaks to me. I not only want to finish this, I don't want to every be truly finished with it. It's a work in progress that I want to see progress further and further, getting better and better.

As a token of my promise to keep at this, here's a little present from me to you for stopping by, and supporting my fanboy folly...

Star Wars Traveller Character Sheets!
Page/Side 1
Page/Side 2


Until next time, Goodnight from Jakku...

Barking Alien


  1. Nice work on the Star Wars Traveller, Adam. I am starting a new Star Wars campaign. I will not be using Traveller, but I will be using a lot of your ideas from recent posts. Thank you. :)

    Okay, now a question, (slightly) off-topic: If you were to start a new Star Wars campaign, what would be the premise? Where and when would you set it in the SW universe? Imagine that it's completely in your hands, that you know the group wants you to pick a scenario that you're passionate about so that they can really immerse themselves. (I say this because it would be tempting to poll the players for ideas on era/situation--but screw that! I want to hear a pure, unadulterated Barking Alien campaign concept!)

    1. I am very happy to have inspired more Star Wars gaming in any capacity. Good luck with your game, and if you ever blog about it let me know. I'd love to check it out, and I'm sure other Barking Alien readers would as well.

      To answer your question:

      Right now, I am incredibly inspired by the recent release of Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens. I want to run a game in which characters from various walks of Star Wars universe life get drawn into the fight against The First Order by siding/signing on with The Resistance.

      Were it completely up to me, my group would consist of a daring Resistance Fighter Pilot (Star Pilot), a Han Solo-esque Smuggler with a troubled past (Smuggler), a Bounty Hunter whose seen too much bad stuff and wants to fight for a just cause (Bounty Hunter), a Former First Order Stormtrooper turned Resistance Soldier (who was maybe a specialist Trooper like a Flametrooper, or a Heavy Weapons Trooper) (Army/Marine), an alien Technician or Scout (Technician - Scout - duh), a Droid of some kind (3P0 Unit Diplomat - R2 Unit Technician - Probe Droid Scout), and maybe a young Scavenger (Alien or Human Scavenger).

      At least one, perhaps two, would be Strong in the ways of The Force, but completely untrained.

      Adventures would be a mix of trying to fight a particular fleet of the First Order (with its own Knight of Ren enforcer, a fascist general/admiral leader, and one or two Captain Phasma-like mini-bosses), and searching for lost Jedi lore, and artifacts to help the budding Jedi reach their full potential.

      Yeah, I know this sounds a lot like the movie, which was a lot like the original film 'A New Hope', but see, that's Star Wars to me. You start there - simple, basic, not too much depth or detail, and then you build up as you go.

      Everyone wants an epic backstory, and all this character nuance day one, and Star Wars characters just aren't like that. The more we see them, the more interesting they become (except Boba Fett, who is awesome doing absolutely nothing in his first film appearance and then becomes less cool the more often he appears - stupid Lucas).

      While I have dozens of ideas for different scenarios in different eras, the key is to start small, and fairly cliché. First and foremost, establish that this is a Star Wars game. You can go Happabore* Wild after that.

      *A Happabore is a large rhino/cow/pig creature imported to several planets in the Star Wars universe including Jakku. It is the beast drinking at the trough when Finn comes into Nima Outpost searching for water.

      Makes more sense than Hog Wild in this case don't you think?