Wednesday, August 5, 2020

RPGaDay Challenge 2020 - TRIBUTE

So far I am not loving the prompts for this year's RPGaDay Challenge. They don't really inspire any RPG related thoughts. Mostly they're too 'real world' if that makes any sense. As in, to write an entry related to them I have to think of something about the world outside of gaming that I have to try to relate to RPGs somehow. 

Take Tribute for example. A game which serves as a tribute to a friend I've lost? A Tribute to an old game no longer in production? Perhaps a tribute to a writer, artist, or designer of a bygone error? 

That's all very sad, yet try as I might that's all that comes to mind when I think 'Tribute'. 

Trying hard to think of an 'in-game' idea related to Tribute I can only come up with giving tribute, as in to a diety or royalty. Something like an offering or tithe meant as payment. Now to say something about I got nothing. It isn't something that usually comes up in the games I run. It might be interesting to explore the idea in Ars Magica but it isn't interesting to me at this moment. 

So that's my Tribute post. Pretty lame, huh? This year the words just aren't generating any ideas. Hopefully at some point they will...

Barking Alien

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