Monday, August 10, 2020

RPGaDay Challenge 2020 - WANT

This reminds me of the old Daffy Duck line, "I would like...I would like? I would like a trip to Europe!"

What I want right now just makes me sad and frustrated to think about. 

First and foremost, I want all this Corona Virus/Covid-19 pandemic crap to be over. I want things back to normal. I want people, all the people everywhere, to be safe, healthy, and free of fear and illness. I want more happiness and less anger. I want the world to heal. 

On a more selfish level, I want to game in-person again. I want to sit around a table with my friends, tell stories, and roll dice. I really want to complete our ALIEN FRONTIER campaign, as there is only a single, grand finale session remaining. I want a conclusion to that tale. 

I want to start my next campaign project with that group. It's another big idea that I've had for over 30 years and recently the urge to run it has been stronger than ever. I am prepping it now, working out kinks in the rules, developing the setting, NPCs, and the like. I want to use what I'm working on. 

I want to run another game idea I have online but I don't have time. I have too much going on; not all of it as enticing to me as what I want to do. 

Want is a powerful thing but it's meaningless without taking some kind of action to make it happen. You can want but can you achieve what you want? If you can't, how do you handle it?

I want more than want. I want things to happen and I want to make them happen.

Barking Alien

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