Saturday, February 12, 2011


You say it's your Birthday? It's my Birthday too yeah.

I am 42 today.

While I should know all about life, the universe and everything, I feel I know less than I ever have before.

As we get older, we hope to gain knowledge about how to live life better based on the experiences we've had. The truth however, is we only gain knowledge of things we have done and have happened to us. This means as the world advances and new ideas develop, our understanding of our world is still woefully insufficient. If I am correct than it always will be.

I'm also not entirely sure I learn my lessons in many cases. That is to say, I'm not sure I make decisions any better now than I did 10 or 20 years ago. Perhaps that has less to do with experience and knowledge and more with how my mind works. I could have all the knowledge in the cosmos and still make a bad call or two with the information I've collected.

In case you haven't gleaned it yet, I am not a huge fan of my Birthday. I love celebrating other peoples but I find my own to be my least favorite day of the year. I always get a little down as I reflect on years past and where I am now, which is not really where I want to be.

Well, that's enough of this mess. Thanks to those who read this diarrhea of the brain for putting up with my melancholy. I needed to do it so I can get on with the stuff you really come here for, my stunning good looks and sparklingy personality. OK, the game stuff. I'll get back to the game stuff.

Barking Alien


  1. Happy birthday anyway, Adam. Keep the dice tumbling.

  2. Happy birthday. I just so happen to be wearing my Hitchhiker 42 crew neck t-shirt that my wife got me for Christmas. I hope you end up having a good day anyways!

  3. Cheer up! I read recently that mortality among women is very slightly higher after a birthday, but among men before. You made it! Happy birthday!

  4. Happy birthday dude, and get cranking on being who you want to be. There's plenty of time.

  5. I'm going to sing to you. Ready? Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Hope you had a yummy day. Happy Birthday to you.

  6. Thanks guys.

    Happy Whisk caused some form of salty liquid to be slowly ejected from a duct in my eye. I am unfamiliar with this. Pray tell, are these those 'feelings' you human speak of? ;)

  7. Happy Birthday! I've got one coming up myself in just a few days.

  8. 42??? You're nothing but a punk kid from where I'm standing, bub! Happy Birthday, my friend.

  9. *crap* Late!
    Congrats on 42 years behind you.(I find myself more concerned with the passage of Un-Birthdays anymore. Think of it as a head start on future generations of gamers! :-)) It's a unique event, no-one else has been you for this long.(And assumably never will, save or perhaps brainjacking! :-)) All that specific knowledge and experience contributes to the ongoing human dialogue. To cite just this one example off the top of my head: my musings on games lately wouldn't be the same without your recent blog posts! May there be many more 'happy birthdays'!

  10. I'm moved guys. Seriously.

    I have to go from my nice warm bed to my computer. I'm moved I tell ya.

    Thanks everyone for making a crappy day less crappy.

  11. Well I wish I had been online a little more yesterday and caught this. I knew we were "of the same era" but I didn't realize we were this close, as I am all of 5 days ahead of you in the Great Chrono Race.

    I'm partially onboard with the "age is a state of mind" crowd" so I figure as long as we are talking comic books and star wars there's a part of us that will never get past 8 years old.

    I also like the miniature gamers' law that you cannot die until you've painted all of your figures, and looking at my garage I've taken steps to ensure that's a long ways off.

    Finding something interesting to do for the birthday can help too. I didn't do much this year but for my 40th I had a bunch of friends meet up at a retro-arcade for pizza and videogames. Then a few weeks later I married a younger woman and picked up a couple more kids. More kids = more reasons to watch Godzilla movies and walk down the toy aisle.

    A buddy of mine is running an all-weekend D&D marathon next weekend for his birthday and there are about 8 of us signed up for it.

    Anyway, happy day-late birthday and remember - that number will be higher next year. Hopefully. And if we all end up someday as brains-in-jars plugged into a virtual reality network I will happily play in your Champions & Masterminds 2100 game.

  12. Missed this post on the weekend, but I hope you had a very pleasant birthday. And the D&D marathon sounds like fun (haven't done one of those for a *very* long time.