Thursday, February 17, 2011

Odd Memories

I've made a previously unannounced New Year's Resolution to post more often and so far so good. The deal I have with myself is at least once a day or the same number of posts or more at the end of the month as there are days in it. If I succeed this month I get an ice cream cone. Yay me! Since today is the 17th of February and this will be my 19th post I'm already coming out ahead.

I have in the works what is turning out to be a long post so in the interim I thought I'd post this link to a thread I started back in 2007 on EN World. In a nutshell it describes some of my most off beat and unusual campaigns and encourages others to post theirs. There is some seriously strange stuff there and I highly recommend checking it out.

Incidentally, the ideas for this post and the long one I'm working on come from recent posts by Blacksteel over at the awesomely named
Tower of Zenopus. If you haven't been over there I suggest you go. Go now! Good luck and godspeed. Blacksteel has been a great supporter of mine and I'd like to return the favor. Besides his recent reminiscing really brings back memories.

See you something new later tonight,

Barking Alien


  1. You inspired me to create my own. Should be interesting to spring on some players.

    Capha: Presult. An insult delivered in response to one in the future.

  2. If I inspired at least one person to do something atypical in RPG adventure or campaign creation, I sleep a little better at night.

    Who am I kinding? I don't sleep.

  3. Hey, I'm offline for a day and look at that - someone said something nice about me!

    Thanks Bark.

    I have a similar take on posting - I'm shooting for 5 a week, with an occasional 6th if I'm feeling especially inspired about something.

    I'm getting ice cream either way though.

  4. Hey! No fair!

    How come he gets ice cream no matter what?