Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Trust Him, He's a Doctor

Guess who's on YouTube talking to a frog?

Wow. You guessed right. Are you psychic?

I was recently a guest on the Dr. Tom the Frog Show, a podcast discussing Role Playing Game produced by the incomparable +Richard Rogers.

The show is part of the Gauntlet YouTube Channel.

Oh, and it features a frog puppet. Really, what more could you ask for.

It was incredibly fun to do, and I was able to promote my Googly Eyed Primetime Puppet Show RPG, which was essentially the focus of the episode. I was also able to describe some elements of the game, and briefly touch upon some ideas for future products. 

Sometime later this month I'll be doing a Q&A with Dan Davenport in an RPGnet chatroom set-up.

Look at me! I'm nigh-famous!

I hope you'll all give it a listen.


Barking Alien

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