Monday, August 7, 2017

RPGaDay Challenge 2017 - Day 6

After a wonderful day on Saturday, I spent most of Sunday exhausted, and honestly feeling like crap. I passed out on my bed for a nap at some point (a thing I am very rarely able to do), and ended up sleeping over five hours.

The end result is that I am a tad behind on my posts, but I will do my best to catch up.

I actually had the opportunity to do this once, in high school I believe, and it was a pretty epic experience. The game was Skyrealms of Jorune. The story covered a journey from one location to another over the course of 7 days. Each day of travel was one session, played on a different day for one week.

A tale for another time.

What would I do now?


Inspired by my recently rekindled interest in Anime, and Manga, and the idea of binge-watching shows on Netflix, or other similar streaming services, I would probably run a Giant Robot/Mecha RPG with a finite story designed to be told in seven 'episodes'. 

Additional inspirations include Netflix's Voltron, The Legendary Defender, Japan's revival of the Japanese tabletop RPG Wares Blade (a personal favorite of mine), and the computer/video game franchise Monster Hunter.

The end result would be a Fantasy with Mecha tale of a small city-state plagued by attacks from monsters for so long that they've developed an entire way of life built around slaying these creatures, and using their parts for various purposes. 

Clothing, food, armor, weapons, and even building materials from homes, and tools are made of monster parts. These are obtained by brave, volunteer citizens who use mechs to defeat the larger, and more dangerous of these mystic beasts. 

I don't really have a story beyond that, but it's an idea I've been playing around with for sometime now that I'd really like to try. I'd probably use a modified version of first edition Mekton to run it, possibly merged with my homebrew Extended Mecha system. Maybe Mekton 1E + Ars Magica? Sword World? Not sure.

Well, that's what I'd do.

What would you do?

Barking Alien


  1. What, not Battletech and Mechwarrior?

    I had to work in a comment here somehow, man!

    1. I appreciate that. Good attempt, LOL

      As far as Battletech, and Mechwarrior go...meh.

      I don't think the cover art of these games properly convey the levels of frustration you experience when you realize your high-tech robot is really just a lame tank that overheats easily.