Wednesday, August 16, 2017

RPGaDay Challenge 2017 - Day 13

Are you challenging me? Are You challenging Me?

I don't see any other blog here so you must be challenging me. 

Come at me bro.

This question seems quite apropos considering I'm celebrating my 40th year in the gaming hobby. 

In order for me to answer this question, and for you out there to understand my answer, I have to start at the beginning of it all with my first gaming experience. 

From the first moments of the first game, I and those I was playing with at the time, approached the game [Basic Dungeons and Dragons, Holmes version, 1977] differently then most people did, as I have come to realize over the years. 

As a result of this divergent starting point, my gaming experiences took a different path then that of many of my fellow veteran gamers. After 40 years on that alternate path, my present looks a lot different as well, or rather it does when I am gaming 'my way'.

A recent conversation with a friend, whom a game with regularly, about my recent My Hero Academia based game really brought those differences to light. We had basic, fundamental differences on what makes for a fun game, what players in a game do, and what role the rules play in the fun, and why. Neither right, nor wrong, our opinions clearly marked what feels right, or wrong to each of us. 

My point?

Numerous gaming experiences throughout my gaming history changed how I play, starting with the very first one. 

It kept on changing.

I like to think it keeps on changing, and sometimes it goes back to what works best.

Barking Alien

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