Wednesday, August 1, 2018

I Accept Your Challenge

Since 2015 I have participated in the RPGaDay Challenge, answering one question a day for 31 days throughout the month of August. 

After doing it for so long, I can't say I am certain why I do it. In theory, it's fun and interesting. In theory. 

The truth is, the questions are often oddly worded, it sometimes seems unclear what they're asking, some don't apply to me, or they feel like I've answered them many times before. I really wasn't thinking about it much for this year and when I finally did I figured I might not bother with it. Finally I decided to check out this year's questions first and then judge whether or not I would join in.

Well, this year a number of the questions are good. Quite good. 

I accept your challenge RPGaDay 2018!

The questions this year feel different.

It seems to me that they are simultaneously asking about your personal opinion or experiences with gaming or a given part of the gaming hobby but they are doing it in such a way that I am actually interested in finding out what my fellow GMs think about the subject. 

Just as an example, I am really looking forward to seeing what people say for Day/Question #3, "What gives a game 'staying power'? Indeed! Some games are great for one-shots but don't really work as long term campaigns. Others are built to last so to speak. I often find I can run comedic games, usually relegated to one time or short-term game, for longer than most. Is it the game? Is it me? Is it you? I can hardly wait to read what people think about this. 

In conclusion, I am doing this and I hope you will do it to if you have a blog, Google+ account, or some other means of sharing your answers. I want to know what other Gamemasters think about these varying elements of our hobby. If you are not a D&D referee, even more so! We who do things differently need to share our experiences with each other and the larger world of RPG fans!

Join me won't you?

Barking Alien

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