Monday, August 6, 2018

RPGaDay Challenge 2018 - Day 6

We are in Week Two of this year's RPGaDay Challenge, and away we go...

We RPG bloggers talk quite a lot about what the Gamemaster can do to make a campaign setting more real for the players. Of course we do. We're GMs.

I would venture to guess, having done no research and with no verified statistics of any kind, that the vast majority of gaming bloggers in the RPG hobby are Gamemasters. I'm sure gamers who primarily play do indeed blog but from what I've seen over the years they don't do so as commonly or as frequently as those who primarily GM.

Since I myself fall into the GM category, I will tell you how I think players in my group have or can make a game world come to life. 

The main thing is immersion. Immerse yourself. Buy-in to the game, your character, the setting, and it's particulars of that setting. Don't think like you. Think like your character. Even better, think like you if you lived in that universe you're gaming in and the rules of that universe applied to you.

My biggest gripe in recent years (and trust me, I have a good number of gripes) is players thinking like intelligent, 21st century, modern city dwellers with access to the internet on their phones when they're supposed to be Medieval Chinese Monks, Arthurian Knights, Superheroes of the 1960s, etc. 

Going hand-in-hand with this is Meta-Thinking. If I could punch a concept in the face it would be this one. Players trying to guess what the GM is doing instead of their PCs thinking of what the villain is doing. Trying to game the system do to system awareness instead of doing what your character would think was the proper course of action. So frustrating to me.

As a GM who tries really hard to create living, breathing settings seeped in the feel of the genre we're covering, whatever it may be, the greatest thing a player can do to help me is just follow my lead and enjoy being a person/robot/what-have-you in the fictional place and time we're sharing.

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