Wednesday, August 1, 2018

RPGaDay Challenge 2018 - Day 1

Well hello, I didn't see you there. Welcome to the Barking Alien blog and my first entry into the 2018 RPGaDay Challenge!

Pull up a chair, relax, and hang out for a bit won't you? Can I get you something from the 'fridge?

OK, let's start nice and easy with...


Heck of a way to begin. See, this is why I think this year is a bit more interesting. Why do people enjoy this hobby so much? What do they get out of it? That is the kind of thing I actually want to know. 

As for me...

What I love most about RPGs is that they serve as a creative outlet for me that I might not otherwise have. In addition, they let me exercise my creativity and imagination in a way that I can share with others. 

Bonus Answer: What I love about the RPGs I enjoy the most, many of which involve intellectual properties such as Star Trek, Star Wars, Ghostbusters, or The Incredibles, is that I get to pretend I've received my childhood dream job working for the companies that create and produce these licenses and show everybody how I would do things if I had free reign to play with all their toys.

How about you?

Barking Alien

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