Tuesday, August 21, 2018

RPGaDay Challenge 2018 - Day 21

This I can answer...

...though I am not sure I can make it interesting.

Something that appeals to you is all about personal preference. I mean, there may be reasons why you like something but the bottom line is you like it because you do.

So, if I tell you I tend to like Dice Pools a lot, what does that mean? Truth is I am not sure why I like them or what I like about them exactly, only that many of my favorite games tend to use some version of a Dice Pool.

It's not always the same Dice Pool mechanic either. Sometimes it's add up the total of the dice you roll and beat a number (Star Wars D6), other times it's only count the highest number or add the highest number to the PC's Skill (Last Unicorn's Star Trek), or it could be roll a bunch of dice and count how many of them are successes.

I suppose I find all other these easy, quick, and have enough variation and versatility to use for long term campaigning. 

Have you learned anything? Anything about me? Did I reveal some great insight I'm not aware of? 

Not that I am aware of. Moving on...

Barking Alien

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