Saturday, April 2, 2011

B Brings Up The Big Bang Ban

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What is it?

Public Safety Statue 132 or 'The Big Bang Ban' is a law in Brandford Junction, Oklahoma instituted in 1966 that prohibits mention, discussion, broadcasting or writing about the Big Bang Theory within the town and out to twenty-five miles in a radius (including above or below ground level) of city limits. Due to the unusual nature of events in Brandford Junction the law is largely self-enforcing. 

Why is it there?

Following news updating and expanding the Big Bang concept of the origin of the universe in 1964, a Brandford Junction high school teacher shared the news with his class and focused an entire lesson on the Big Bang Theory. Following that event, the teacher and 15 of the 17 students went missing. No evidence of foul play was discovered and no clues to their whereabouts were found

In the days and weeks following confirmation of their disappearances, local media and even some national affiliates covered the story. By the end of the month 321 individuals were missing out of Brandford Junction's total population of 3000 people. Federal agents were sent to assist in solving this mystery but 4 of them disappeared as well leaving absolutely no trace. 

In the interest of public safety, local government eventually instituted Public Safety Statue 132 which the media, outside the town of course, referred to as 'The Big Bang Ban' of Brandford Junction. Despite their best efforts disappearances have continued to this day, though most abide by the law and so it is a very infrequent occurrence. To date, 470 people have gone missing since the original event in 1964. 

Local network affiliate TV stations refuse to air the sitcom of the same name. Just in case. 

Why do PCs care?

It depends. A friend, relative or fellow agent could be missing. Perhaps they have come to investigate the phenomenon. They would certainly be heroes if they could return 470 people to their loved ones or at least give the town some piece of mind by finding out what's happening and why. 

Barking Alien


  1. For someone who has never read Unknown Armies, this is a spot-on UA idea.

  2. *Sigh*

    For what has to be the fifth time I read it but I don't remember much about it. That can happen. As proof, we just had this discussion last week and you still don't remember my saying I read it. lol

  3. doo doo doo dooo (twilite zone!) interesting post.
    happy b day!

  4. Off on a bit of a tangent here, but this post reminded me of the abductions near where I live that seemed to be frequent when I was a kid. And then there were the lights and alien music in a local beachside suburb. Weird stuff, and all very hush hush; we were encouraged not to speak of it...hmmm
    I'm enjoying the challenge and finding so many different themes!