Friday, April 15, 2011

M is for Mecha, Heavy Metal Gear

I apologize for the comparatively lackluster nature of my blog posts of late but several factors have contributed to their less-than-stellar nature.

First and foremost, I have been working numerous additional hours and I'm a little fried. Combine getting up earlier, working til late and my own natural insomnia and it's amazing I can write at all.

The added workload means less actual gaming. Less actual gaming seems to affect my enthusiasm for the subjects I address on my blog. Recent blog posts have therefore been a bit arbitrary.

An additional contributing factor to the arbitrary nature of recent posts is The A-to-Z Challenge. It hasn't helped because it's not the way I normally organize my thoughts. Actually I either organize them very carefully and meticulously ahead of time (March) or not at all (most of the rest of the time). This need to organize them somewhat is actually becoming a pain in the keister for me.

So here then is a somewhat lazy approach to one of my favorite subjects, Mecha. I could talk on and on about giant robots and running an Anime/Manga Mecha campaign but for now cool images will have to do...



Stay safe and dry East Coast. We'll talk again soon.

Barking Alien

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