Tuesday, April 5, 2011

D is for Done, A Non-Theme is Born

After nearly two hours working on my next entry in my A-to-Z Challenge theme of The A-to-Z of Things That Were Not Meant to Be, Blogspot decides to be itself* and screw up once again, erasing 3/4 of what I wrote (even though it autosaved constantly like it always does).

In the end, I am totally not interested in or willing to re-write the entry. I was already getting bored with my theme and we're only on 'D'. So, like so many other game bloggers who have decided to participate in this challenge, I am going theme-less and writing each entry about whatever comes to my wacky mind.

Barking Alien

*Kids, don't believe the hype. Never 'be yourself'. Be better.


  1. Well Damn! Hey, it's a D word :-)

  2. At least you made it to D. ;)

  3. Dastardly Blogger! Set the Dogs on them, or even better the Darleks and Destroy...sorry got on a bit of a roll there. Wackiness is great, better luck with E. (I'm copy pasting from word into the HTML bit which seems a bit more reliable)

  4. @Sue - Funny I was doing the same thing and for a while it helped but then blogspot starting having a formatting issue that I'm still experiencing. Very odd and no fun.

    @Trey - Once I set my mind to it I will find a way to make it happen. My new outlook on life is, "You discussed Muppet Role Playing for 31 days. You can do anything!" lol

    @Martha (MM) - Darn skippy it is!