Monday, April 25, 2011

U is for Undecided, So I Guess I'm Just Chillin'

It's upon me once more.

I'm in one of my phases where I can't think of anything, I can only think of everything.

U is for Uldra, Ultimates, Ultraman, Universe, Unusual and an untold number of uncountable other things. Sigh. I'd tried a few times to make this post something more meaningful but I just have too much on my mind in and out of the hobby.

Here's some art to hold you over until my next wacky concept...

U is for Unknown Life Form

U is for Undead Agent

U is for Ultimate Dracolich

Barking Alien

The first illustration is by Matt Pattinson, aka Culprit Tech.
The next is one I put together from various forgotten sources.The last is the winner of the 50th Creature of the Week excercise on ConceptArt Forums.


  1. Gamma World could contain them all. Rifts too. Go!

    I solved some similar quandaries this month by posting all of them - go ahead, we won;t report you for burning extra electrons...

  2. Eh, not my style.

    I get pretty picky about how a theme comes off once I decide to do it (as I've said in the past, I sort of game the same way).

    Real world concerns come first but after that I like things to go as close to perfect as I can get them. It paid off for Muppet Month and it's working out for the A-to-Z Challenge...mostly. ~_~;

    Like if you read the titles of the posts going from A-to-Z it sounds like a Nursey School Alphabet Book or a Dr. Seuss Book which is sort of what I was going for.