Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Campaigns I Have Played

Here's a little teaser for a reoccurring series of posts coming in September.

Actually a sub-series of a reoccurring series. Ooh! Self referential! 

For the month of September the entries for my irregularly posted regular feature Campaigns I Have Known will have something of a twist. 

All the posts will feature campaigns I have participated in as a player, and not as a Gamemaster. That's right, I'm going to go into depth on campaigns I have played!

The loose criteria for a campaign to be featured in this series is pretty much the same as that for the regular Campaigns I Have Known. 

-The campaign has to have had a relatively complete run. A beginning, a middle, and an end (even if the ending was vague, a cliffhanger, or the like). I am a little flexible on this, as some campaigns just tapered off in the old days, usually to try a new game. As long as the game didn't end because it fell apart it qualifies.

It has to have been successful, and therefore memorable. That doesn't mean I need to remember every last detail, but it has to have been so good that it stayed with me. More about this below.

[It might be interesting at some point to cover Campaigns I Have Known that failed. Something to consider for the future.]

It has to have been completed before the year 2000. That particular year is really an arbitrary choice. The point is these are older campaigns, from the good ol' days (or some such non-sense). More than a little nostalgia is involved in this endeavor. 

In addition to the regular elements used to describe the various campaigns - System, Circa, Characters, Synopsis, etc. - I will be adding a Player Perspective section. Basically commentary on the campaign from my point of view as a player. 

It will likely turn out to be pretty fun, and interesting, but it's also going to be tricky. I have three campaigns in mind, but beyond that I'm not sure. I haven't been a player in that many successful campaigns. 

As noted in a number of previous posts I haven't been a player very often in my 39 year history in the hobby. I don't enjoy it as much as I do Gamemastering, or at least I haven't traditionally. Part of the reason for this has been a lack of successful outings while on the player's side of the table.

Hopefully, this will turn out to be an exciting journey, and not a very short trip.

We shall see,

Barking Alien

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