Wednesday, August 24, 2016

RPGaDay Challenge 2016 - Day 21

Um. Er...I...hmmm.

Can I skip this one? I don't really have anything.

I just got done with two posts about rules. I'm not a big rules guy. Most of the games I play have pretty basic mechanics, or if they are complex it's in the front-loaded, pre-game aspect.

I don't use a lot of rules, and therefore I haven't had much opportunity to get them wrong.

About the only thing I can think of...

I have the early playtest rules for Last Unicorn Games' Star Trek: The Next Generation Role-Playing Game. I read through them fairly often as I liked some of the early draft ideas even more than the final product, although the published game was definitely superior overall.

The die mechanic in the playtest rules is very different. Instead of a '6' on the Drama Die letting you add the next highest number, you got to roll it again. It 'exploded', as it does in WEG's Star Wars D6. If you rolled another 6 you rolled again, until you didn't roll a 6, and then you added up your total.

I sometimes forget which is the playtest, and which is the published version, and I've been known to run the exploding die version for several sessions until a player reading the published rulebook notices, and points it out.

A misinterpretation? Sort of. Funny? I guess. Funny that I, who playtested the game, and love it sometimes get the rule versions mixed up. 

At the same time it's fun having the exploding die so...misinterpretation, or house rule?

Barking Alien

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