Monday, August 1, 2016

Challenge Accepted - RPGaDay 2016

What else is poppin this month?

The RPGaDay Challenge 2016
my groovy brothers, and sisters!

This year it would appear the festivities are being organized by BrigadeCon, and I must say I think it's an improvement.

Not to take away from the efforts made the previous two years, but I like the questions much better this time around. They are more clearly worded, less vague as to what they're asking, and BrigadeCon's website gives further clarification for each, and every one of the 31 questions. That's a nice touch, and much appreciated by this blogger right here.

Here's a very nice video by Runeslinger explaining a little bit about RPGaDay's origins, and how it reins were transferred this year from it's creator David Chapman to Anthony Boyd and the RPG Brigade. Check it out:

Let's see who else is chiming in shall we...

Stephanie Bryant's Mortaine's Blog
WQRobb over at Graphs, Paper, and Games

So let the game about games commence!

This is going to be one helluva busy month on Barking Alien.

Barking Alien

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