Tuesday, August 30, 2016

RPGaDay Challenge 2016 - Day 27

This question makes me laugh at the commonly asked, "Describe your perfect gaming set-up/location". 

Seriously you people with your hoity toity custom gaming tables in your fancy pants gaming man-caves are a bunch of spoiled featherweights. 

Is there a most unusual place, or time I've gamed? I'll let you be the judge. Here are some examples of where, and when I've gamed:

On a New York City subway car during rush hour.*
In a public pool.
On a beach.
On a moving school bus.*
While climbing the rocks in NYC's Central Park.
In the hallways, and staircases of my Junior High School and High School*
In my JHS auditorium*
While hiking in Upstate New York, and Canada
In a public atrium on NYC's Upper East Side*
In New Jersey*

*Indicates this was a regular occurrence. 

Buncha Pansies.

Barking Alien

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