Tuesday, August 16, 2016

RPGaDay Challenge 2016 - Day 11

Questions like this are why I prefer the RPGaDay Challenge this year over last. 

Woof. Tough one for sure.

I'd say there were three. I really can't vote out one over the others. Maybe, just maybe, the second one was more influential over the way I play then the other two, but each one strongly shaped my preferred approach, and style.

Thomas Zizzo

Tom Zizzo was my very first GM. He was 7 years old at the time. I was 8. We had no clue whatsoever of what we were doing. As a result, we didn't do things the way most people do when they are starting out. We started out with a different approach. Our games focused on characters, and stories, favored trying crazy maneuvers, and money, treasure, and power were not our goals. We de-emphasized combat, and emphasized cleverness.

Our role models weren't Conan, Kull, Elric, and Fafhrd. They were King Arthur, Robin Hood...but really...Captain Kirk, and Superman.

I know it's snobbish of me, but I feel like many gamers go through their hack and slash, power gamer phases, and then eventually evolve into something with a little more plot, and substance. I am where I am today gaming-wise because the place most gamers reach is the place where I started.

William Corpening

My GMing was largely affected by meeting, and having the pleasure of being GMed by William.

A good friend, a funny guy, a deep soul (if you believe in such things), William is without a doubt the greatest gamemaster I have ever had the honor of gaming with. I learned so much by being a player in his game(s), and by being his friend. 

Selina W.

Sigh. Allow me a moment of melancholy if you would. Sigh.

OK, better now.

Selina is one of the greatest RPG players I've ever known. She is a very dear friend, who I've known for a lot of years. She is also my ex-wife.

Aside from being a talented writer, a smart, funny, and extremely creative person, she has always had an enthusiasm for gaming that rekindles my love of the hobby even when I am feeling low about it. Ever since I introduced her to it long ago, she has been its biggest advocate. Her love of RPGs makes others love RPGs. It's a simple, irrefutable fact. 

Aside from that, she cements my feeling that RPGs can be more than just games. They can be teaching devices, they can be therapeutic, and they can help people connect in unexpected ways. 

Without Tom I would never have started, and I wouldn't know to do things my way.
Without William I wouldn't have have gotten good, and pushed to be better.
Without Selina I might've found something else to do, instead of kept on going. 

Barking Alien


  1. Very cool. For me, my good friend Dave Hoover brought passion for gaming, both as a player and a GM. He now owns and runs his own store, Armored Gopher Games. At present time he is running three different games, and thinking about creating his own system.

    1. I know Dave! Yay Dave! And Yay! Armored Gopher Games (as seen on my Blogroll)!

  2. I'm always touched by the sensitive manner in which you approach the issue of your former spouse. Some guys would not be that way.

    1. Thanks, Rob.

      Um...what does that mean exactly? >_<