Friday, August 5, 2016

RPGaDay Challenge 2016 - Day 3

A character moment I am most proud of featuring one of my characters. Hmmm.

Not too hard I suppose, considering I don't play as a player very often, and therefore I don't have all that many personal 'character moments' to choose from.

I'd probably say that all of my best character moments come from Superheroes games. 

This is partially because I do so love the Superhero genre, and because Supers is the one genre people other than me run which isn't Fantasy. I truly love to have some great Star Trek, or Star Wars character moments, but alas no one seems to want to run those, and when they do...ugh.

Anyway, back to character moments. A key component here is the word 'proudest'. What moment am I proudest of. OK, let me think...

I've got two.

One isn't really a single moment, but rather I am pretty proud of the way I've been playing my character Equinox in our Google Hangouts online Kapow! campaign. Equinox is a gestalt entity made up of four different elemental spirits, the traditional Air, Earth, Fire and Water. Throughout the course of the campaign, a different element has been in charge at different times. Some in-game event such as a cosmic shift in reality, or a mystical accident, can change the nature of Equinox's personality and appearance.

He started out as 'Air Equinox' - Curious and child-like, he was fascinated by the mortal world, and eager to protect it. He would form strong friendships quickly, and get really, really angry if someone lied to him, or tried to hurt his allies. In many ways, he was patterned after Marvel's Silver Surfer, Vision, and DC's Red Tornado.

'Fire Equinox' was hot-headed (as you can imagine), impulsive, and blunt. He was the most aggressive version, and used very direct attacks, with fewer trick moves, or fancy maneuvers. He was still a good guy deep down, but he could be both brash, and uncouth at times.

'Earth Equinox' is perhaps the strangest incarnation. He is wise, slow moving, slow thinking, and must be convinced of the necessity of saving the day right now. A long term, big picture sort of fellow, he knew that eventually the villain will fail, the Earth will recover, and all will come to dirt and dust. Although the physically largest, and most 'muscular' version, he rarely punched, or even blasted opponents. He relied on his Elemental Control to hold, weaken, demoralize, or other control and hinder enemy forces.

The current version is 'Water Equinox', and she is a female. Water is quick moving, quick witted, but also fluid, changing her mind, adapting to new things, and then changing her mind again in rapid succession. She is very positive (like Air), can has a short temper if you press her buttons (like Fire), but good at seeing ways around a problem (like Earth). She is prone to altering her form to some degree, and using her various Elemental powers in conjunction with each other more than any of the other variants. 

I get bored with characters easily as a player, yet I have stayed with Equinox now for about two years. I'm proud of that too, but I'm pretty sure being about to change his/her look, personality, approach to the game, and tactics has helped a lot.

The second is...

Most assuredly leading other PCs, and NPCs into a battle to save the Earth as Starguard, my Alien Superman/Green Lantern/Gladiator hybrid from my pal William C.'s incredible Champions game.

I actually answered this question once before here, (see answer #19) so I'm kind of cheating.


Barking Alien 

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