Saturday, January 29, 2022

31 Days / 31 Characters - CHALLENGE COMPLETE!

So that's it, the 31 Days / 31 Characters is Over! I feel accomplished. Can't wait for next year. Now on to...

Hmm? What's that? Not finished?! Whatever do you mean? Oh,'re working on linear space/time. No worries. I will explain.

Last year I was only able to complete 17 entries. This year I wanted to do 31 and successfully accomplished the challenge as it should be done. Unfortunately, a number of factors slowed my progress. In addition to work (busier than ever), the regular games I run (three currently), and other concerns of Real LifeTM, there is the fact that I came often be an obsessive perfectionist. 

I didn't like my initial forays into this years challenge for various reasons; not enough or not the right images, a lack of accurate notes or information on a given character, etc. This is my 45th Anniversary year and everything this year has to be special, it has to be great. 

Why? No greater reason than that is what I told myself. Then I went and told all of you that so now I'm stuck holding my work to the most unreasonable of standards - my own. 

My friend Ray set me straight. He pointed out how hard I was making it on myself and how doing so tends to make me disillusioned with my endeavors. We've been friends a long time and he knows me well. He suggested that I instead work toward 14 entries for this year. Combined with the 17 from last year, the total number of character profiles would come to 31. With a feeling of accomplishment, I could mentally start clean in 2023.

Thanks Ray. I needed that. 

31 Days / 31 Characters:

ADAM - Red Dwarf / ALIEN RPG
Alexander D. Thorton - Ghostbusters
Arigon - Dungeons and Dragons
Black Adder - Mutants and Masterminds
Bo - Bunnies and Burrows
Carlacc Acen - Star Wars D6
Cat’s Meow, The - Gangbusters
CB Ramble - Car Wars
Ceren-Dee WindDrake - Dungeons and Dragons
Chicken - Red Dwarf / ALIEN RPG
David Myers - ALIEN RPG
Dietrich Armbuster - Gear Antique
Dusty Dibbs - Odd West
Emil Fujikawa - Traveller
Everyn Wolfshadow - Wares Blade
Fleeto Woff - Star Wars D6
GAMMA MAN - Villains and Vigilantes / Superheroes
Gates - Teenagers from Outer Space
Herek - Star Trek
Hyborian - Mutants and Masterminds
Ipperius Witspear - Dungeons and Dragons
Jet 'Ohana' Kahele - Mobile Suit Gundam / Mekton II
Jorran StarsByNight - Dungeons and Dragons
Kashpa - Star Wars D6
Kei Okami - Champions
Lance Gravity - Space Opera
Red Rider, The - Boot Hill / Various
Shade - Kapow!
Xerek Xeet - Star Trek

Hope you enjoyed reading about these characters as much as I enjoyed recalling them.

Next and lastly for January, a few last minutes thoughts...OK, a lot of last minute thoughts...

Barking Alien