Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cameo #2 - Pigs in Space Meet The EXONAUT!

It's time for another thrilling episode of...Pigs In Spaaace!

When we last left the crew of the Spaceship Swinetrek they had discovered and boarded a mysterious, alien derelict...
"My goodness, what a mysterious, alien derelict this is."

"Agreed First Mate Piggy. And spooky. Dr. Strangepork, what can you tell us about this vessel?"

"Vell according to the computer, this is the EXONAUT
, a spaceship created to explore space and find intriguing items to collect and bring back to its creators in a distant galaxy."

"It looks like a galactic yard sale."

"The good stuff is in the Cargo Holds. Come on, let's check out..."

Muppet Random Space Finds!

By Jay of Exonauts

Barking Alien

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