Wednesday, August 26, 2015

A Thorough Outlook

This month was supposed to feature the return of Thorough Thursdays, but as the RPGaDay Challenge went on, and real life took up more and more of my time, I quickly realized it was not going to be.

Still, and all I would like to bring it back for at least a month, or so to see if it continues to be an enjoyable, and worthwhile endeavor. It went over well with readers, and commenters alike, and got some love on Google Plus as well, so I am generally inclined to keep it up.

I definitely find Thorough Thursdays fun, and helpful myself, since the entries give me the opportunity to cover subjects I really enjoy that for one reason, or another I've not had the chance dedicate much blogging time to. 

Among the potential subjects to receive the Thorough Thursdays treatment include, but are not limited to:

David Bowie
Golden Sky Stories
Harry Potter
Wares Blade
Wizard of Oz

Any others? That is, are there any other tags on my list, or things I've talk about that you'd like to see me blog about more thoroughly? Let me know! I love feedback, and I love giving the people what they want to see.

Unless they want to see Dungeons & Dragons. Can't help you there. *Wink*

Barking Alien


  1. I'd like to see you do a pass on Golden Sky Stories. I have such mixed reactions to the game, it's great and awful all at once.

    1. Awful? I found nothing about it I would call awful. I love it. It's brilliantly simple, sweet, and has so much potential. I can't wait to check out the additional material.