Thursday, August 13, 2015

RPGaDay Challenge 2015 - Day 13

Thank the maker! Finally, an easy one.

No need to even think about it.

Play On Target.

Well, goodnight everybody!

Barkley is giving me the stretch-it-out gesture. Apparently what I said isn't enough, and the episode is running short. OK. I can elaborate a little.

I have listened to a good number of gaming podcasts, or at least I've tried to. Most of them are either not very entertaining, not very informative, or both. A large number simply don't address RPGs I play. Usually I get about three episodes in, and then I give up.

A few have the annoying habit of picking a genre, or type of game to discuss, then focus the majority of the episode talking about how it's similar to D&D, different from D&D or how something about it relates to something in some edition of D&D.

Worse still is when a podcast group decides a given subject, like Superheroes for example, is a good idea for an episode theme, and then half way through the listener finds out the panel consists of one guy who doesn't like Superhero RPGs, two guys who've never run or played one in their lives, one guy who's played in a single Superhero session, and maybe one actually Supers gaming fan.

That my friends is pure evil. People should pay us to listen to them if they do that. There ought to be a law.

The only podcasts that consistently do it for me, are Play On Target, and Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff. These are both entertaining, intelligent audio discussions, run by well informed individuals who've been exposed to many different games.

I myself have been wanting to do a podcast for well over a year and half now. I just don't have the equipment, or know how yet, but it is one of my big goals for this year and into next.

Barking Alien


  1. You should definitely do a podcast or be a guest on one of the podcasts above. Especially about superheroes and sci-fi.

    I am someone who would love to play superhero RPGs more but I know that unless I run a game it won't happen. And honestly, I'm not sure how to run a game of it.

    1. Wow dude, thanks. That is one of the coolest things anyone's said to me in a while. I appreciate the vote of confidence.

      Superhero gaming is weird these days. I would have, up until the last few years, dubbed it the single easiest genre to run. Now I can't get a game going. So much effort just to get people to understand what the setting, and tropes are. You'd think Superhero movies, and TV shows would be helping, but they're actually not. If anything they maybe hurting the genre.

      Hmmm. Sounds like a blog post or podcast right there. Ha!

  2. First, I second the idea of either a Barking Alien podcast, or Barking Alien making a guest appearance on a podcast. I would listen the hell out of one of those. When I got done with it, that's a podcast that would know it had been listened to, by jimminy!

    Secondly, so far, my favorite comic book, superhero rpg and other media podcast is the BAMF Podcast ( You can tell everyone on the show loves comic books and superheroes, and most are involved in the gaming industry in some way. Their round table discussion episodes are especially enjoyable.

    1. You are too kind Keith. Thank you. More fuel for the fire of my desire to start one.

      Oh, and if you're Play On Target...yeah. You know where to find me. ;)

      I do like BAMF. I've not listened to a ton of episodes, but the ones I've heard I really liked.