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RPGaDay Challenge 2015 - Bonus Round

Noting my dissatisfaction with some of the questions in this year's RPGaDay Challenge, my good friend, and fellow rebel pilot WQRobb let me know that Zak (of Playing D&D with Porn Stars fame/infamy) had created some RPGaDay questions of his own.

I notice that Robb has taken it upon himself to answer said questions, so I figured I might as well do the same. 

Here goes nothing:


1. Worst game you ever played

Ever played? As a player? So many bad ones it's hard to think of a worst. One reason I prefer to GM, and dislike playing so much, is because of a lot of bad early experiences with other people as GM.

My first time playing AD&D 1st edition was very bad. I was invited by a really good friend to play with his pals who were all a year, or two older than me. I played an Elf, and everyone else was Human. In addition to the Elf abilities in the Player's Handbook, I noted that Elves are immune to the paralyzing touch of Ghouls.

I was made fun of, mocked for trying to be a munchkin, or power gamer, and just generally given the 'check out the dumb newbie' routine. I apologized, saying I could have sworn I saw it in the books somewhere. They went all rules lawyer on me, reading chapter, and verse from the AD&D Player's Handbook. They made me feel foolish, unwelcome, and small.

I didn't game with those guys ever again (thank goodness), and went home to find my Monster Manual, which clearly states the Elves' immunity under the Ghoul entry.

It was the beginning of my disinterest in D&D, where rules knowledge, or a lack there of, was a point that divided it's players, not something that united them. Whether or not you knew the rules took away from the fun, instead of adding to it.

 2. Interesting rule embedded within otherwise baleful game

While I don't necessarily think the game is baleful, my players hated Encounter Critical. However, we all agreed that the idea of needing to accomplish something related to your class to go up in level is pure genius.

In others words, in order for the Pioneer to raise in level, he or she must discover a new land, or a new secret of the wilderness. For a Warrior to raise in level she must defeat an opponent of equal, or greater power than herself.

That is sweet.

 3. Game you never played but you knew it sucked just looking at it

Hmmm. I've guessed that a lot of games would suck before playing them, just by looking at the book, but I played them anyway in case I was wrong. 

Never played but knew it sucked? No. I just don't do that. I have to play it once.

 4. Game you most wish didn't suck

Wow. Where do I start?

Decipher's Star Trek game. Goddamnit! There is no reason that had to be bad, but it is. It's like a third rate, hackneyed copy of the LUG version. Awful.

ICONS. I want to like that game so much, but it's just a slightly less smooth Marvel Super Heroes/FASERIP. And I don't like that game either!

Dungeons & Dragons.

This could take a while...

 5. Game about which you have the most mixed feelings

Shadowrun. I had so much fun with that game, but it's so not me. Especially not anymore.

 6. Old game most in need of an upgrade

Hunter Planet. And I will be the first in line to pick up the new edition.

 7. Game you can run with the least prep

Star Wars D6. I don't even need the rulebook really.

I like doing a lot of prep for it, but I've run it on the fly a number of times with nothing but dice, pencils, and paper.

 8. Game with awful art (and who you wish you could hire to fix that)

Sorry to say this, but Mekton. I would hire an actual Japanese manga artist to do it. Two actually. One for the Mecha images, and a character design artist for pictures of characters.

 9. Best houserule you've seen in action and now use in your own games.

I gotta go with what WRobb said on this one. I already answered this.

See the original RPGaDay entry.

 10. Game you've most changed your thoughts/feelings about

Classic Traveller. I went from hating it the first time I played it, to having it become one of my all time favorite games. I love it to the point where all the other versions pale in comparison (with the exception of MegaTraveller).

 11.  Game you'd use to run just about any setting if you had to

I tend to believe the game system should match the setting. A one size fits all game doesn't really work for me.

That said, my modified Teenagers from Outer Space game, nicknamed Advanced TFOS, is the closest to a generic, universal game I can think of. And stand. Actually, I like it a lot.

 12. Game that haunts you and you're not sure why

Haunts me? In what way? How would I not know why? idea what this is asking.

 13. Game that would probably be most fun to play a bee in

Toon, or the Bunnies and Burrows campaign we had in the early 80's. Damn fine game.

 14. Best Star Wars game?

Star Wars D6, 2nd Edition by West End Games

 15. Game that's good in theory but you're kind of on the fence about it to be honest

Marvel Heroic Roleplaying.

It works, it's fun, and I like it, but I can't see it as my go to game for Superheroes. Considering how much I like the Superhero genre for gaming, why then would I bother grabbing MHR? That is, if I know it won't sustain a long term RPG campaign, what is to motivate me to use it for anything, but a one-shot, or at a con.

Not bad. Some interesting, and fun questions. Thanks Zak, and thank you Robb.


In conjunction with WQRobb, and Lord Blacksteel , I am looking to have the three of us create some questions of our own for next year. Stayed tuned for updates.

Barking Alien

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