Saturday, August 1, 2015

RPGaDay Challenge 2015 - Day 1


Well, that was easy. See you tomorrow folks!

Okay, okay I'll elaborate. I mean you guys did pay to come and see the show. The least I can do is try to entertain you a little.*

What is coming out? I mean really, what?

More Pathfinder? I don't care about that. Stuff for D&D 5E? So? Not interesting in the least. Ah, the new Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars RPG book rulebook, 'Force and Destiny'. You know, if you buy enough books, and pay enough money, eventually you'll be able to game in the Star Wars Universe with that thing I reckon. Yeah. No. Not getting it.

So what is there to really be excited about? The closest thing for me would be Mekton Zero, the newest edition/incarnation of my favorite Anime Mecha RPG, but the more I see of it that less excited I get. From what they've shown, it's waaay too focused on their house setting, which I've never used, and don't plan on ever using.

The whole thing that made Mekton cool was that it provided a system with which you could run any kind of game in the Mecha subgenre of Japanese Manga, and Anime. Why would I want you're made up setting when I can A) make up my own, or B) use it to run Mobile Suit Gundam, Five Star Stories, Macross, Votoms, Patlabor, Mazinger, Giant Robo, Wares Blade, or any one of dozens, upon dozens of others?

Is there a new Star Trek RPG? No.

DC or Marvel Comics? No.

Is the new edition of Hunter Planet ready yet? No. Not yet.

Am I still mostly playing systems, and settings that came out years, and years ago? Yep.


Barking Alien

*! This blog is free? We don't charge tickets at all? Frick dang blast!


  1. I didn't see your post before I wrote mine, but once again we are pretty much on the same page here.

    1. I like that I am in good company, but sad that no one is making an RPG I want to buy.