Thursday, August 6, 2015

RPGaDay Challenge 2015 - Day 6

Ah ha! Finally, a direct question I can easily answer!

I knew we'd get to one soon.

Just the other day I played an online session of Kapow!, a relatively rules lite Superhero RPG run by one of the other players in the ongoing Google Hangouts campaign I'm a part of.

Welcome to the 21st century where the gibberish statement I just typed has meaning!

I've mentioned here before how Joshua Macy, the creator of Kapow!'s parent system SFX, invited me first to a SFX powered Star Trek game (using the system's Sci-Fi variant, Zap!), and then later to a Supers/Kapow! campaign.

Over time, Joshua's schedule made it so he couldn't run the game at the chosen time, so a player by the name of Keith took over. Keith started up what was essentially a new campaign, now set in a parallel Freedom City (from Mutants & Masterminds), though the history, NPCs, and most other elements are original creations of Keith's (he just likes using that awesome Freedom City map as a backdrop, and I can't blame him).

The campaign's been going on for almost two years now I think. Wow, time flies. Seriously. Hard to believe we just completed 'Season 2' of our story.

Anyway, another player by the name of Carl stepped in to run the first session of a short 'filler' adventure. Basically it's a side story that bridges the gap between Seasons 2, and 3.

It was quite fun, even if my character came out a bit worse for wear.

Barking Alien

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