Monday, August 3, 2015

RPGaDay Challenge 2015 - Day 3

I...don't have one.

Is it me, or are the questions for this year's RPGaDay Challenge much tougher to answer than last year's? Geez.

I don't even recall what I bought these past 12 months. I mean, I must've bought something. I'd be very surprised if I went the length of a year without buying a single, new RPG product.

That said, I can not recall one, and certainly can't think of a favorite. How can there be a most liked item among ones I don't even remember?

Seriously, I can not think of a truly new game I played, or ran in the last 12 months. Is Base Raiders new? There was D&D 5th, but that way only OK. Hmmm...

I'm sure I got something on PDF...

Barking Alien

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