Saturday, August 1, 2015

An August Plan

Greetings Barking Alien followers, friends, fans, freaks, and filibusters!

That last one would be (in the context of this blog) people wasting their time by coming here and seeing me go on at length about some silly subject, or other in lieu of getting something meaningful done themselves. Yes, Barking Alien welcomes procrastinators.

It's August! You know what that means don't you?

Yes, inordinately high temperatures in the North Eastern United States with killer humidity. Also, a very special month here at Barking Alien. Why? Well...

Is it Winter yet? No?
How about now?
Fall at least?

Each August I commemorate the first time I ever played a Role Playing Game. August 25th, 1977 was my initiation into this wondrous hobby of ours.

Secret Origins - Part I
RPGaDay Challenge - Day 25 - Anniversary Edition

I have decided I've going to celebrate my 38 years of gaming with...wait...38 years?! Holy Moley! I was saying, I'm going to celebrate it by making some minor changes around here. Some will be permanent, some temporary. All are, 'Let's just try this, and see what happens' oriented.

First, I am bringing back the popular 'Thorough Thursdays' feature. People seemed to like it, I liked it, so it's going to return for the month, and possibly beyond if it continues to be well received.

Second, you may start to see adds on the site. Do not be alarmed. They will not interfere with content, and will be genre/interest appropriate. Guy's gotta earn some extra bucks for those new games don't he?

Third, and perhaps most importantly, there will be MORE POSTS! I am going to try desperately to keep up with the blog in general, and put up a good deal more content.

See, nothing too jarring, or shocking. It's not like I'm rebooting your favorite franchise, or an entire comic book company. I prefer to add to my creations, not scrap them, and start from scratch if they are already working. (Looking at you DC, and Ghostbusters. Grrr.)

Oh yeah, also...

I'm going to do the RPGaDay Challenge for 2015. The full chart of entries is here:

If you're interested, join in. If not, hey, it's OK by me. It's not like I'm getting a kickback, or something.

Barking Alien

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